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The Harlem Times The 40th anniversary of for colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is not enough and the 100 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE HENRY STREET SETTLEMENT

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“Nothing that Shange writes is ever entirely unreadable, springing, as it does, from such an intense honesty, from so fresh an awareness of the beauty of sound and of vision, from such mastery of words, from such compassion, humor and intelligence.”

-Washington Post Book World: Harriet Gilbert


“ Shange is primarily a poet…But her voice in this novel is entirely her own, an original, spare and primary-colored sound that will remind readers of Jean Toomer’s Cane.“

– Washington Post Book World: Doris Grumbach



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“Shange  offers a daring portrait of a black woman artist re-creating herself out of social psychological chaos the fragmentation that haunts our time, our nation. Ourselves.”

-Kelly Cherry in reference to Shange’s thrid novel, Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo